Chula Vista Jiu Jitsu Club

Come learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu, one of the worlds most popular martial arts.

Taught by professor’s Jorge Farfan and Ron Pizarro, two black belts with over 20 years combined knowledge, and Chula Vista locals!

  • Build Self Confidence
  • Self Defense
  • Multiple Child Discounts
  • Family Discounts
  • Military Discounts
  • Competition

We are part of the Elias Gallegos association

With over 20 years of collective training, a lot of blood, sweat and sacrifice was poured into our expertise. We received our training from Elias Gallegos from Alliance Eastlake, 3rd degree black belt & National and Worlds Medalist.

We are Alliance

We are the most decorated TEAM in North America. We are the reigning World Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team champion, and the only team in history to win it 6 consecutive years (8 years in total.) There is no better destination in martial arts than Alliance.


Chula Vista Jiu Jitsu Club
315 1/2 3rd ave
Chula Vista Ca. 91910
+1 (619) 934-5995

Current Schedule:

6am-gi adults
11am- gi adults
4pm – gi kids (ad)
5pm-gi kids (bg)
6pm-gi adults

6am-nogi adults
11am-nogi adults
5pm- muay thai adults
6pm-nogi adults

6am-gi adults
11am- gi adults
4pm – nogi kids (bg)
5pm-nogi kids (ad)
6pm-gi adults

6am-gi adults
11am-nogi adults
4pm- gi kids
5pm- muay thai adults
6pm- nogi adults

6am-gi adults
11am – adult wrestling
5pm-gi kids
6pm-gi adults

6am-mens group
7am – open mat
10am- bootcamp



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